In Memory

Dick Neuberger

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09/23/20 10:29 AM #2    

Ben Woomer

I knew Richard well, His Nick name was Dink.

I lived up the street from Dink. on Bellfield  and whent through Jr High with him 

I was in a lot of his classes in Jr high . I went to his bar Mitzvah when he was 13. 

Bud Nolder and I were friend of Dink and use to look out for him asa he had Sarabel Palsybut was always tring to be involved. One time in Ms Rup english class at Roxboro dink had a  seizure and Nolder and I help him.

Dink had a lot of sponk and at the first 10year reunion Nolder tried to get him to come to it but he refused .Latter I tried to find out where he lived but could not find it 

May Richard (Dink ) rest in peace .

Dink never understood we like him and his fighting spirit

Ben Woomer 


09/23/20 02:55 PM #3    

Mark Kinsler

I did not know him--I didn't know much of anyone in our class, for that matter--but I do recall someone who was afflicted with cerebral palsy, not quite severe enough to confine him to a wheelchair, but crippling in so many ways nonetheless.  Okay, so he was just another in the teeming crowds everyone had to deal with between classes. I think I'd see him on that ramp near the auditorium.  Now, of course, I regret not knowing his story.  He was clearly a brave kid.  Does anyone know how the remainder of his life went?

09/23/20 04:41 PM #4    

Charles Peterman

I remember Dick or his nick name was "Dink". He was quite a charachter. He was a little aggresive and a fiesty kinda of kid. Always got a kick out of him. Felt a little bad for him because he had some physical challenges. Some jackasses would pick on him and I would intervene on his behalf. However, kinda funny he would tell me he didn't need my help and to kind of mind my own business. Never did really understand him to much, but maybe his pride coming out. 

I am sorry he passed away and may he rest in peace, Simpathy to his family and friends. 

Chuck Peterman 

09/23/20 08:33 PM #5    

Willard "Gil" Ratcliff

I lived three houses down from Dickey. That’s what I called him. We were best of friends from Kindergarten through High School. He was afflicted early on with a childhood disease that left his left arm paralyzed and his left leg needing a brace to help his step.

We spent countless hours together playing wiffle ball, street hockey and touch football, among numerous other activities together.

Despite his afflictions he always wanted to be part of the game and he participated with esteem.

Although he endured many chides and taunts of thoughtless people, he never said a bad word about anyone. He was a person (a man) of the highest character and integrity.

The world benefited by his presence and I am sure he will be dearly missed.

Rest In Peace my friend.

09/24/20 12:17 PM #6    

William O'Neill

I remember Dick aka Dink for his amazing courage and tenacity.  I distinctly remember that in spite of his significant handicap he went out for and participated on the Heights golf team that played at Highland Park not a mile from where he is going tobe buried.   I believe it was 1964 and we all got to walk the Cleveland Open practice round with Arnold Palmer and I am quite certain Dink was with us.   Now that is making the most out of a bad situation!  I believe Walt Natemeyer and Jeff Erisman were on that team.

09/25/20 07:37 PM #7    

Christopher Bruch

Great comments, fellow classmates. Dickey was dealt a very tough hand, but he gave life his best shot,against all odds! Definately Rest in Peace, Richard.

09/26/20 11:50 AM #8    

Bruce R Campbell

Although I did not know Dick, I would like to offer my condolences to his family I know he is in a good place and you will join with him again.

09/27/20 12:19 PM #9    

Ginny Uhle (Wood)

And...he had a wonderful sense oh humor!

09/28/20 07:13 AM #10    

Jim Becker

If you stopped and listened to Dick, he was, as Ginny says, quite funny at times.   He also was very preceptive about people and refused to be treated differently because of his issues.

08/14/22 01:34 PM #11    

Harvey Yelsky

Dick and Gil Ratcliffe were the original "Three Amigo's" Gil lived a few houses down from Dick and I lived on Grandview are the corner. We grew up together and his family became our family as well. Inspite of his childhood illness he overcame them as best as he could.  Gil Ratclifre played baseball and hockey and we went to his games. We took Dick with us everywhere and he fit in well and never let his ailment stop him from getting around. His parents sold their home in Cleveland Heights and moved to Gates Mills Towers in Mayfield Heights. I saw his parents often and asked them about my friend Dick. He became somewhat a loner and spent his days  with a group of similar handicapped people in Beachwood. According to his parents he was happy and content and keeping busy. I called him several times and we laughed a lot reliving our adventures. He was and will always remain a great friend and courageous human being. 

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