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Share your thoughts with other classmates
29 Why I didn't fit in (partial explanation)
10/31/23 10:14 PM by Mark Kinsler
0 None
1 Cleveland Noir
06/05/24 02:11 PM by Allen Simon
Share your favorite high school stories
9 Israel Under War
11/01/23 02:12 AM by Alizah "Fran" (Fraida) Blake Hochstead
Tell/ask something you want to share with everyone
6 RE: Millikin Reunion
02/24/22 06:47 AM by Alizah "Fran" (Fraida) Blake Hochstead
Memories of historic moments in our lives
4 The Monticello Megaphone and the future of mankind
05/05/23 08:02 PM by Mark Kinsler
Posts about missing classmates
6 more about the missing and Bobby Mlaker
04/07/23 08:40 PM by Mark Kinsler