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•   Al Merkrebs  10/10
•   Bruce Campbell  9/26
•   David Hirsch  9/18
•   Belita Cowan  8/25
•   Allen Simon  8/24
•   Mary Caputo (Baioni)  8/23
•   Stanley Greenberg (Greenberg)  8/20
•   David Brown  8/14
•   Roni Faigin (Englert)  7/11
•   Nadelane Joseph  6/24
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

22 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
42 live in California
6 live in Colorado
2 live in District Of Columbia
58 live in Florida
11 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
8 live in Illinois
1 lives in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Kentucky
4 live in Maryland
13 live in Massachusetts
6 live in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
2 live in Missouri
6 live in Nevada
2 live in New Hampshire
6 live in New Jersey
3 live in New Mexico
10 live in New York
7 live in North Carolina
193 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
4 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
8 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
16 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
1 lives in Vermont
11 live in Virginia
6 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
3 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
2 live in Ontario
1 lives in Quebec
1 lives in France
1 lives in Israel
3 live in Mexico
242 location unknown


•   Lois Camberg  10/31
•   John Carden  10/31
•   Nancy Cole (Sproull)  11/1
•   Shelly Sakulsky (Henden)  11/1
•   Linda Becker (Haffner)  11/3
•   Ira Rubins  11/4
•   Bruce Campbell  11/5
•   Anyes Ansart (Chanson)  11/6
•   Cal Block  11/10
•   Jed Davis  11/10
•   Stephanie Katz (Farley)  11/11
•   Sherrill Light (Lehman)  11/14
•   Cary Seidman  11/16
•   Roberta Olens (Jones)  11/20
•   Juan Pujol  11/20
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Heights High School is made of  


Walls of red brick that enclose     


Long, wide corridors waiting to be filled with 


People walking, running, working, learning, dreaming, living.

When we first approached the walls, the halls were empty,

And we were filled with fear, excitement, anticipation.

We sat and listened and hoped

That our years, three long years, would bring us happiness and fulfillment,

But we knew that they would also hold for us frustration and disappointment.

No one could know for sure.

We tried to look ahead, but all we saw was the heavily veiled future.

What was once hidden by the future now is uncovered.

We see:

Our world enriched by new people and new ideas.

Ourselves as part of the whole that is Heights High.

Ourselves alone to pursue individual goals.

We leave:

The red brick walls that enclose

Long wide corridors


Linda Oppenheim, Caldron '65



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