Steve Jacobs

Profile Updated: August 26, 2019
Residing In West Jefferson, OH USA
Spouse/Partner Pauline
Occupation President and CEO of IDEAL Group, a 2002 spin-off from IDEAL at NCR Corporation.
Children Shana, born 1977
Jessica, born 1980

Upon graduation I attended Cuyahoga Community College (on and off part-time) and worked full time at the Veterans Administration Hospital on East Blvd in Cleveland. My work with long-term residential Vietnam, Korean, and World War II veterans sparked a passion for enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities through the use of technology.

In the Fall of 1969 I moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University. I graduated in June of 1973 with a BSc degree. I married Pauline Frey in 1974. We have two daughters Jessica and Shana and a granddaughter Brooke (Shana’s daughter). Shana is a K-6 music teacher, Jessica is a Sleep Tech for Ohio Health.

In December Pauline and I will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary!

My first job, upon graduating from OSU was as a computer salesman. I worked for two companies over the next eight years. I often competed with NCR salespeople in my territories, and was fortunate to get the sale a majority of the time. In 1981 NCR asked if I’d like to work for them. I jumped at the chance. Over the next 22 years I served many roles within the company. My 22 years at NCR Corporation were rewarding and culminated in 1995, when I was named President of IDEAL at NCR. IDEAL’s focus was to help insure that NCR’s products and services (i.e. ATM, Retail POS terminals, Airport kiosks) were designed to be fully-accessible by people with disabilities.

In December of 2002, I was offered an early retirement package as part of a company-wide cost-cutting effort. As part of my retirement, NCR agreed to let me to spin-off IDEAL at NCR into my own computer services company. I reincorporated and renamed the company “IDEAL Group.” Since that time IDEAL has grown into a small group of five companies, all of which serve the access needs of people with disabilities through the use of advanced technology. IDEAL Group, along with its subsidiaries, are all Not Just for Profit (NJfP) corporations where value is determined, not only by profitability, but by the level of success in driving technology cost-reductions into the hands of individuals with disabilities. IDEAL Group's companies have over 20 million software installations in 214 countries.

Well... that's about it. Glad I am still here to attend our 50th reunion get-together! I can't wait to see everyone!

School Story

No big stories here. I never participated in extra curricular activities. I managed to stay out of trouble... most of the time. :-) I do, however, remember collapsing a table during lunch period in the cafeteria. All the trays slid toward the center of the table as it folded up into a big "V." I got beat up after school as a result and never did it again. I also remember many wonderful friends and some really great parties I would be physically unable to participate in today. :-|

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