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Fred West

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05/12/15 04:59 PM #6    

Dana Woodring

I became a close friend to Fred after we moved back to Cleve. Hts. from Cadiz, Oh. in 5th grade.  We went on to Monticello and then to Heights, along the way hanging out together w/Danny Kelly, Ed Meither and others.  We swam on the traveling Y  team (he was real good!) and were teammates on the football team all the way thru school.   I remember being crushed when I heard of his fate in Nam.  I, also, remember having a hard time believing it and a harder time getting past it.

Our parents were good friends as we lived so close together.  My father had been a B17 pilot in W. War II and had always encouraged me to join the service.  I don't re-call him talking much more about that idea after Fred was killed.

Guys just don't get any better than Fred West.

Dana Woodring


05/12/15 07:08 PM #7    

Marc Paris

I think of Fred often & thank everyone for their remembrances.

05/14/15 08:21 PM #8    

Ginny Uhle (Wood)

I recently came across letters Fred had sent from Viet Nam.  Always positive and cheerful.  The last one arrived after we learned of his death.  I still think about him and the fun times we had at Heights.  What a loss!

Ginny (Uhle) Wood 

05/15/15 01:00 PM #9    

Ralph Solonitz

Thank you for sharing your memories.
Getting to know you all, even years after my youth is a blessing.

03/20/16 03:03 PM #10    

Jim Becker

I just read David Brown's post about dealing with the Feds and the smuggled art. Amazing.  Well written.  Someday I'll write about the time I was a witness in a Federal trial of some of the executives of a large corporation I once worked for.  The executives' knowing disregard for employees' health will eventually lead to about 1500 deaths from mesothelioma..... They all got off...

David's page took me to the link for Fred West's page.   Fred was the backstroker on the swim team and an all around great guy.  Lot's of comments on Fred's page about that from Dana and others.   Can't add more.  

However the point of all this is to thank David for posting that beautiful poem in memory to Fred.    I lost several buddies in Vietnam,  althought I was over there later than most - 1972.   I acutally visited the  Vietnam Memorial in DC several years ago and found and touched Fred's name and couple of the others.   I get to DC regularly but I can't go back to the Wall.  It is just too overwhelming ....

A nice young man thanked me for my service to the country (it is the thing to do now- what a change!) the other day.   My response,   "you're welcome.  I wish it had made a difference"  

03/20/16 05:40 PM #11    

Al Merkrebs

I only knew Fred from football, and didn't know him really well, but I remember him being a real class act. I'm glad to have known you, Fred, even for a short time.

03/21/16 08:40 PM #12    

Tim Benich

Fred was one of our crew comprised of swimmers and football players Dana, Griffith, Tim, Tom and Carl Langraf. We hung out in the summers working as lifeguards all over the city. Fred was a constant, a buddy I could count on and the first close friend I ever lost. When I first heard of his death I was in shock, I didn't call anyone nor did I go to his funeral. I was scared. Years later while in D.C.with my young family I saw his and Tim Spring's names on the wall. I wish I had gone to his funeral service I think that would have given me closure. I always think of Fred everytime Nam is discussed...may he rest in peace. Benich

03/22/16 11:57 AM #13    

Barbara Coe (Katsaris)

I too remember Fred so well!  Definitely was a "jock", but also so friendly and such a warm smile!

When I was in Washington with my son and grandson last year we went to the wall and I also found Fred and Tim.  I touched their names and tears ran down as I remembered them both with different memories of each.  While we were there, the honor guard came and the laying of the wreath ceremony took place.  It seemed so appropriate at the moment and added so much to my visit . Such tragedy for their families and friends.  Rest in peace.  

03/23/16 04:28 PM #14    

Monroe (Mike) Myers

I played lots of baseball with Fred. He was a great competiter I visit The vietnam wall ever Memorial Day . See u soon Fred.

03/24/16 01:27 PM #15    

David Brown


Got this from the wonderful folk at Crown Hill Cemetery in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Rest in Peace Fred. Rest in Peace.  


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