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Mitzi Friedland
Mitzi Friedland


Mitzi Friedland


Mitzi CHHS grad


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA
Occupation Sales - Retired
Children Todd Bruce, Born 1969 and Lee Gregory, Born 1972

Todd's Kids: Lucas Kotler, More…Born 2001 and Lauren LeBlanc, Born 1995

Lee's Kids: Lily Kotler, Born 2004 and Etan Kotler, Born 2007
School Story

At the end of Biology, junior year, Sherry Duerr was telling me a cute story about her puppy digging in her very Orthodox-Jewish grandmother's backyard.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the dietary restrictions (Kosher) of strictly observant Jews; I will briefly explain that, among other prohibitions, combining any dairy product (milk, cheese,etc.) with a meat dish (beef, poultry, lamb, veal etc.) is forbidden. There are separate sets dishes, utensils and so forth used in Kosher households one for meat and another for dairy. If, for example, one accidentally uses a meat plate for a cheese sandwich, that dish must be re-Koshered. Formerly, that was accomplished by burying the sullied dish or utensil in the ground for 30 days.

Now back to my story. Apparently, Sherry's puppy dug up several plates etc. from Grandma's back yard, which explained to the family why she was buying so many new sets of dishes. She would forget which dishes were for which purpose and bury them "just in case," forgetting, unfortunately, where they were buried.

At this point in the tale, after we explained the Kosher laws, our teacher, Mr. Dorgan, was confused and incredulous. "If you don't mix milk and meat, then how do you eat a cheeseburger?" he asked. Being something of a smart-mouth, rather than answer with the obvious "You don't," I retorted; "You must bury yourself in the backyard overnight!" We all laughed and that was that.

A few days later, I arrived a little late for class and entered brushing dirt and leaves off my clothes. Sherry jumped up to assist me. "What on earth is going on," Mr. Dorgan demanded? My reply; "I accidentally had a cheeseburger for dinner."

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Happy Birthday! I'm in Akron, too, When are you?

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Taken August 24, 2021 at Etan's bar mitzvah. From left to right: Me, brother Jeffrey Friedland, younger son, Lee Kotler, older son, Todd Kotler. Kids: Lee's son Etan (14) and daughter, Lily (17), Todd's son Lucas (20), Missing: Todd's wife, Lynn, Jeffrey's husband John von Hedemann, Todd's stepdaughter Lauren LeBlanc.
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The whole "fan-damily" including my brother Jeffrey and his partner of 31 years, John Von Hedemann.
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My son, Todd, his wife, Lynn, and their children Lauren and Lucas
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My son, Lee, his wife, Melissa and their children Lily and Etan.
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HS Grad photo.