Linda Cohen Mitchell

Profile Updated: August 10, 2015
Residing In Mayfield heights, OH USA
Spouse/Partner Harvey Mitchell
Occupation Retired
Children David Ross born 1970
Todd Ross born 1973
Evan Ross born 1976

Guess who likes to bake with their "Gaga". ❤️🎂🍰

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The most fun at Heights High was with my cousin, Gail Itzkowitz,Rodin, in Miss Margaret Lacey's shorthand class. Gail was a bit mischievious, to put it mildly, and often played pranks on Miss Lacey. It was hysterical. Unbelievably, Gail was Miss Lacey's "favorite" and on prom night, Miss Lacey took a special photo of Gail and her date. Amazingly, a few months ago I decided to "google" Miss Lacey and to our, surprise, we found she is "alive and well", living in southern Ohio and is about 90 years old. We were thinking of paying her a visit (lol) but then, the shock of seeing Gail again after almost 50 years might send her into cardiac arrest!! Great memories, though!!

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