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Marcy Willinger (Gendler)

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03/31/14 10:44 AM #1    

Myra Mushkatel (Rosen)

Marcy and I were friends throughout junior high and high school, but became BF after graduation. Out dancing at The Cask as often as possible, snacking at Jack's Deli, spending so much time together after work.  I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. She was exceptionally sweet, giving and loyal.  Our adventures were some of the best memories of my teen years. After she married, I spent many evenings at her home, helping her fix 'cute hot dogs' (her words for a hot dog wrapped in a frozen biscuit) and learning new recipes to pump up dinner.  Sadly I left for Eugene, Oregon and we lost touch.  But, one day out of the blue, in 1995, while I was living in New York City, I asked an old high school friend if they knew where Marcy was. She told me that she lived in Akron and I immediately called information, called Marcy and it was as though no time had passed. We were jabbering and laughing and remembering and I realized how much I had missed her in my life.  We made plans to keep in touch, and we did, until just a week before she died.   She will always be remembered with love and smiles.

04/29/14 05:16 PM #2    

Barbara Cholfin (Oppenheim)

I can still remember that Monday evening many years ago when I received a phone call from Eve Rosen who had told me of Marcy's passing.  Eve said that she felt so sad and that she needed to connect with some of Marcy's friends.  I could definitely relate to that.  During junior high school, Eve, Marcy, and I were among an "elite" (I say that with a grain of salt) group of singers, known as the Madrigals.  Marcy and I sang first soprano, while I believe Eve sang alto.  Marcy had such a sweet, sounding voice.  In 1996, Marcy was one of the first of my teenage acquaintances that had passed away.  She was a kind and friendly woman.  She was taken from this earth too soon in her adult life.

03/14/15 11:39 PM #3    

Eve (Evie) Rosen (Rosen-Morris)

Thanks for that memory Barbara. I had completely forgotten. What I will not forget is Marcy's sweet soul and lovely countenance. May her memory be a blessing.


03/15/15 08:06 AM #4    

Diane Rubin (Mars)

The first time I met Marcy was at Camp Wise.Then when I went to Heights, I saw her there and we always said hello. When we were newly married we lived on the same floor in our apartment building. We became friends.She was a sweetheart with her beautiful smile.We were both hairdressers. In later years my son and her daughter worked together at a grocery store and became good friends. It was a sad day when I found out she passed away. May her memory live on.

05/04/15 01:51 PM #5    

Bonnie Kramer

The last time I saw Marcy was at our 30th reunion. As I recall, she arrived a  bit late. She found me and told me she knew I was there because she heard me laughing. I was touched by that. We spoke of getting together. It never happened.

I was closest to her during the Wiley years. She might have been the prettiest girl I ever saw, And as lovely as she was, that's how sweet and warm she was. Very kind.. I loved her. I remember lots of time at her house and I fondly remember her Mom, Adeline.

We never had a falling out, just sort of drifted apart. Whenever we ran into each other, it was very warm.

After graduation, I stayed in Cleveland and went to work. Marcy remained  in Cleveland, too. I married early, and had my firstborn son, Matthew. Marcy married too, and moved to Warrensville Heghts. (It was very happening then!) We got together and sometimes we all went out together.

I was devastated when I heard of her death. I still think of her. A very lovely woman and gone way., way too soon!



05/05/15 05:38 PM #6    

Ben Woomer

Mine is a rather interesting story about Marcy, it is out of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

I did not Know Marcy at Heights High and much to my surprised got to know her a bit way  after school.

I had an International company and hired a West Cost Southern California and was hiring a company representative by the name of Sheryl Willinger. Sheryl   and I became very good friends and one day she was speaking to her older sister who was Marcy and out of the blue my name came up as he r boos and the chairman of the company. Marcy said to Sheryl that she has to be kidding and she said to Sheryl do you know he Ben Woomer is? Marcy said I was the Guy who would slink around the hall and when she would see me, or her friends would, they would go the other way, as I was a little bit of a JD. Marcy could not believe it was me a international businessman. Marcy and Sheryl   and I had a lot of laughs and they would both joke about it. We all became very close and I remember the day that the unreal accident happened and the sadness at Marcy’s funeral.She was a great person and sorry I did know her more God Rest her Soul

Ben Woomer   

08/01/15 01:01 AM #7    

Richard Ison

We talked about you tonight, kid. you would have enjoyed it.. I am sitting here thinking about the fun times.. Thank you for the fond memories you gave me...


08/01/15 07:11 PM #8    

Michael Duber

My first girlfriend, My first love. She had the most beautiful eyes. Peace.

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