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Tom Newman

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09/27/14 12:22 PM #1    

Charles Tabasko

Tom was a dear friend through those high school years and many years after.  Always on the edge, sharp mind, good heart.  Will never forget him. RIP.  ct

09/28/14 01:24 PM #2    

Ellen Nagel (Nagel-Paris)

I remember Tom Newman from my Homeroom 122 at Wiley Junior High School.  Our homeroom used his parent's garage to store are newspaper we collected for the school papper sales each sememster from 7th grade to 9th grade(six semesters).  When Miss Rapp went to Scotland as an Exchange teacher our parents chiped in and helped us collect paper for our Home Room.  I also remember Tom because he lived next door on Edgerton, University Hts. next my cousins, the Amsters.  Tom was very nice and friendly as I remember.  I was said that he ended up in trouble with law.

Ellen nagel-Paris

09/28/14 06:20 PM #3    

Joel Eigen

Tom was a good fellow; our parents were friends and we spent many summers together at our swim club. I wonder if at some point we could take down the obit with his legal troubles. I think it would nice to remember him for his smile and devilish wit rather than the cloud hanging over him when he died. It seems an enduring cruelty.

03/14/15 10:56 PM #4    

Eve (Evie) Rosen (Rosen-Morris)

Thank you Joel. I agree. I knew Tom & Dolores. Troubles yes. A good heart and sweet soul, yes. Who will take that down? It pains me to see it.

07/06/15 09:19 PM #5    

Sharon Talbot (Vrettas)

Tom and I dated all through high school and college. (I also dated my husband, Pete, during that time, too. Mars in Gemini.) My girlfriends and I used to hitchhike from Ohio State to Washington DC to visit Tom and his roommate, Monty. Tom was the kind of person you either loved or didn't. I loved him. (Peter, on the other hand, wasn't so fond.) In high school, Tom and I both had the same odd habbit of sneaking out of the house and taking walks in the middle of the night. Sometimes we would meet and walk together. We walked a lot during the day, too. All over the city, but mostly to Shaker Heights to visit his friend, Bonnie Kramer. Then Tom got his driver's license, and we would drive all over creation in his Buick Special. With the top down. Later, when we were old enough to drink he would take me to the Mustanger, a gay bar in Akron, and we would hang out with Georgette and Val, two very tall and very dark drag queens. I think he had a crush on Georgette, but I was his excuse for being able to admire her from a distance.We had a lot of good times together. I got together with Tom and Delores once or twice after we were both married, and ran into him occasionally over the years. We always promised each other we would look each other up, but it never happened. Now it's too late. I miss you, Tom. Rest in peace.

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