In Memory

Stanley Reich

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02/14/15 01:10 PM #1    

David Brown

In Memory of

Stanley F Reich

February 15, 1946 - August 30, 2014

Stanley F. Reich beloved son of the late Florence R. (nee Schooler).

Dear brother of Lawrence Reich. Services will be held Tuesday eptember 9 at 3 PM at the Lake View Cemetery (Garden Crypts, enter Mayfield Rd. gate). Family requests no visitation. Friends who wish may contribute to the Hospice of the Western Reserve.

02/15/15 02:07 PM #2    

Bill Needle

I hope Stanley Reich will rest in peace.  I remember him vivdly.  At Roosevelt JH, he was in the "Special Ed" class and I remember another student, Randy Priscilla, who seemed to be a great friend of Stanley's.  I write this now because more than fifty years later it's time to offer an amend.

The "cool" kids, those who were "popular," made regular sport of those handicapped students.  I remember those incidents clearly and can honestly say I didn't get involved because it instinctively seemed so cruel.  But I watched and I laughed.  And I didn't say anything to stop the ridicule.  And the course of my life has led me to believe I should have.

My amend consists of apologizing to Stanley, Randy, and any other of their classmates for the behavior of others.  I can't be sure if Stanley, Randy, or any of the others even knew what was going on.  But I sure did.

I imagine the gap between the "cool" kids and the "Special Ed" kids from Roosevelt JH has narrowed somewhat in any number of ways over the last fifty years.

Stanley Reich, I hope your life achieved a relevant meaning to you and may you always rest in peace.

02/15/15 03:27 PM #3    

Rosalyn Dub (Harwood)

The comments that Billy Needle made about Stanley Reich are so touching and honest that I applaud him. I don't remember much about Stanley Reich but I hold him in the light and may he be at peace.

02/16/15 10:05 AM #4    

Anthony (Tony) Feuer


I commend you for your comments regarding Stanley. We have all had "Stanleys" in our lives. We all have our regrets about things we did or allowed to happen in our youth. Your post assisted me in forgiving myself of some of the regretful misdoings of my life way back when.

02/18/15 10:39 AM #5    

Eve (Evie) Rosen (Rosen-Morris)

I also say thank you, Bill. It is never to late to make amends.

02/18/15 01:19 PM #6    

Roslyn Levine (Lader)

Thanks Bill for your thoughtful comments on Stanley. You're so right we were so young and should have known better. Beautiful words. Roz Levine Lader

02/19/15 01:50 PM #7    

Ralph Solonitz

I remember all the special ed students...I We are all imperfect and always a work in progress...I have spent the last 15 years working with special needs men...They are lovable and never forget your kindness.

02/19/15 05:39 PM #8    

Mark Kinsler

I knew Stanley.  He was friends with my old buddy Rob Kaplan, and the two of them worked at Red Raider Camp, the place that hosted the school camp many of us went on.  He was a good kid, and Rob was tremendously kind to him, as he was with so many others. 

04/16/15 02:51 PM #9    

Allan Goldner

Hi Bill -- Amen to the thoughts and feelings you expressed about Stanley and Randy, and thank you for expressing them -- for all of us.  Hopefully, we try to do better now than we did then.

I hope all is well with you and your family -- and hope to see you at the reunion.  Regards -- Allan Goldner

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